Why Freedom ETS Softgels®?

Why Freedom ETS Softgels®?

The demand for effective, sustainable anti-inflammatory solutions is exploding.

Consumers all over the world have become increasingly aware of the damaging effects of chronic inflammation – both as a cause of disease and a major health risk in its own right. 

In recent years, news media, social media, and scientific publications have all reported on the importance of controlling inflammation to maintain health and mobility. 

In addition, recent studies have highlighted the connection between excessive inflammation and neurological diseases.

Consumers have also been made aware of the long-term risks behind over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory medicines. Long-term use of these drugs have been shown to cause significant gastrointestinal damage, and many physicians are moving their patients away from these remedies, especially older patients.

Designed to quell the insidious flames of destructive, silent inflammation, Freedom Softgels® deliver a powerful anti-inflammatory punch of a proprietary combination of clinically tested and proven nutraceuticals.

The growing demand for effective, long-term anti-inflammatory solutions and the consumer’s desire to avoid the negative side effects of current medications have driven Tishcon Corp. to develop Freedom Softgels® Anti-Inflammation Complex.